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Vivian Morris is very porous. 

Like a sponge she absorbs 

And information she stores 

Inside her utopian globus.

She takes what she can, 

And puts it away 

In a nice kind of way

All folded and tidy,

but when in her nightie, 

imagination comes out to play.

Imagination is rather untidy 

and plays in an ornery way.

It takes wags and bats and makes bagwats;

frogs and smogs and makes rogfog

Leaving everything a-muddle.

When Vivian awakes,

great care she must take 

to put everything back in order.

But every now and then

Whilst cleaning the den,

She finds a gem.

Vivian created a special place for them

So when imagination awakes again

It can play with those things it created.

Now Imagination has an orderly place

to play in a safe kind of way.

Vivian continues to take great care

of the garden that’s growing there.

Pruning overgrown creations, 

Planting inspirations,

And encouraging nice thoughts.

Together, Imagination and Vivian

Have created a world that’s rather utopian

Which they wish to share it with you.

Utopian Gallery

With knives in her hands

Vivian sculpts what she can

out of a plank of wood.

She slathers some ink

On top of that plank

To make an impression on paper.

You may view the collection, 

at your own discretion,

in a very very

Utopian Gallery.

By appointment only.

Please contact us for a visit or a private lesson.

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